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Body Wraps & Mud Masques

Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap

A seaweed and mineral base that enhances detoxification while nourishing and smoothing skin with kelp, papin, caffeine, lactose and soothing aromatic plant extract

Book It:  $95/60 min.   $125/90 min.

Lotus Touch Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap

Cellulite reduction which can assist with weight loss. Detoxification which stimulates the metabolic systems speeding the body’s ability to carry away waste products. Hydratinging the skin for a soft touch and improving skin elasticity, providing a more youthful looking skin.

Book It:  $95/60 min.   $125/90 min.

Power Recovery Wrap

An intense power pack of soy milk and colloidal oatmeal base that nourishes while hydrating and conditioning the skin.

Book It:  $95/60 min.   $125/90 min.


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